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ImplantsDental Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of the teeth.  Implants are primarily composed of three pieces: the implant (which is similar to a new tooth root), the tooth (crown or cap), and the middle abutment which connects the implant and the tooth. We offer several types of dental implants.  Mini Implants, also known as small diameter implants, can be used to support partials and dentures, replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth.  One advantage to small “mini implants” is they do not require as much bone for placement.  Often times, extensive bone grafting is recommended prior to placement of conventional implants.  With mini dental implants, the increased cost of grafting and additional surgeries may be avoided. Both doctors are well trained in the surgical placement of dental implants as well as the restorations (teeth) that go on top of the implant.  Dr. Ron Collins has been placing implants since 1979 and Dr. Dath Collins is a graduate of the Dr. Arun Garg’s Dental Implant Continuum.  Having both the surgical and restorative phase done in one office allows the doctors to have a greater control over the final outcome of the implant and the restoration.  There are situations when both doctors may rely on a dental specialist for the surgical phase of the implant process.



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