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Root Canals

Root CanalsRoot canal therapy is performed on a tooth that has irreversible pain or has become infected. After anesthetizing the tooth, a small hole is made in the top of the tooth to enable the removal of the infected or affected nerve. There are several situations that can lead to the need for a root canal. A cavity that has grown to where the decay touches the nerve inside the tooth is one reason a tooth may need a root canal. A tooth that has abscessed or become infected may need a root canal as well. Root canal therapy can be completed in one or sometimes two visits, depending on the complexity of the root canals. It is often a good idea to ask your dentist how difficult they think the root canal procedure will be. Although root canals have a high chance for success, not all root canals are successful. Sometimes an additional procedure known as an Apicoectomy may be needed. Both Dr. Ron and Dr. Dath Collins perform all types of root canals. If you are requesting a second opinion about the need for a root canal, we are happy to offer second opinions.



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